Donald E. Fennoy II, Ed.D.
Letter from the Superintendent
Dear Students, Every day thousands of you walk into your schools carrying the good and bad of your personal life – things I cannot presume to know. I do know however, each of you has a story – you might be enjoying life with your parents, or just one parent, you could be fighting with a portion of your family or all, you could be a caretaker for your siblings or parent, there may be mental health, drug addiction, sickness, money issues, domestic violence, or other conflicts in your home. You could also be enjoying a perfectly great life so far, but even I have not forgotten how complicated the years between middle and high school are – these years come with highs and lows, insecurities, challenges, competition, and natural peer conflict that are only magnified in your world of social media
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Get your green on
South Grade is going GREEN!
South Grade is beginning a recycling program and we need everyone's support!! Each classroom and office will be given a cardboard box intended for paper sometime this week.
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